I am a solicitor with over 35 years of experience. Based in a rural area I provide a broad range of legal services but my main areas of focus are agriculturally related legal issues, and courtwork.

My method of practising law is, I like to think, rather unique. I can visit you in your home, or place of business, if that’s your preference. Alternatively, you are very welcome to call to me. We’ll start with a relaxing cup of tea after your journey, but before we begin to discuss the issue in question.

The cup of tea will be in the kitchen. After that important preliminary, we’ll move to the office, which is attached to but separate from the house. The house and office building, which used to be a farmhouse, is several hundred yards from the road and is very private, but also very accessible.

We can look out on to the fields as we mull over things. There is no noise or rush or distraction as we quietly but very thoroughly go into whatever is of concern to you. Visitors marvel at the peace here. I’m sure that you, like our other visitors, will feel welcome and relaxed.  I can meet you at a time of day that suits you best.

Modern information technology is as important to me as to any business. I have an arrangement with my IT consultant whereby he visits me on a regular basis to discuss how I can use technology to best enhance my services. Together, we are constantly updating my office systems and methods. This enables me to provide an efficient and modern service. I have had the experience of both a large Dublin practice and a normal rural solicitor’s general practice. It is important to me that efficiency and expertise are complimented with a warm inviting and relaxed atmosphere.

I am known to many as a farmers’ solicitor. However much of my work comes from people from all sorts of rural backgrounds. I tend to work for people who have an appreciation of rural life and who have broadly similar interests to my own. I am very actively involved with our local community and have a serious concern about preserving and enhancing it and promoting local business and employment.

Hunting is my main pastime though I also enjoy a bit of tennis, walking and cycling in the Summer. I’m married to Dorothy and we have a twenty three year old son and a twenty one year old daughter. Both Dorothy and I were reared on farms.

My normal areas of work include
• leases of property,
• Farm transfers
• Sales and purchases of property,
• various types of business arrangements for and between farmers,
• farm succession planning,
• co-op issues,
• wills,
• wards of court,
• mediation and arbitration
• Farm company issues.
I do quite a lot of court work covering such things as large claims for compensation and  issues related to Department of Agriculture decisions of various kinds. I’m extremely interested in CAP reform and am the solicitor for a small but expanding farm organisation.

I was heavily involved in Milk Production Partnerships and was part of the initial steering group responsible for their introduction. I was awarded an M.A. by the University of Limerick for a thesis on the law relating to milk quotas. I work a lot with agricultural and farm business consultants. Basically the whole business of farming and how to use the ever changing agricultural law and regulation to best advantage for farmers and rural business fascinates me.